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House Party After Soccer Game

I would like to report to you the outcomes of our recent games.


4 yellows and 2 penalties for each team were the highlight ofthis tightly contested game. The action went from end to end throughout the game with both teams trying to gain the upper hand despite several occasions when the match threatened to turn into a fracas as both set of players giving a no-holds barred performance, particularly so with the Sharks making this game to finalise the lineup of its players for the upcoming league.

The Sharks however went down early in the first half after being caught by a fast break from the Unicorns. Sharks custodian Isa had no chance after the Unicorn forward easily side footing him to sweep the ball home. Despite the early setback, Sharks surge forward to search for the elusive equaliser and they finally got a lucky break late in the first half when they were awarded a penalty for an innocuous handball. Up step Sharks penalty taker Salihin who no mistake from the spot to level the score.

The second-half was an even explosive affair where both set of players going in for the full blooded tackle which would even put the dirtiest South American player to shame. Perhaps it all started from a tit for tat comment from a Unicorn player early in the first half. Coming back to the action, the game only came alive in the last 10mins of play when Azman put the Sharks ahead for the first time with a glancing header off a free-kick from Gerard.

Unicorns then threatened to level the score on a number of occasions but Sharks Chris would be kicking himself in what could be the most spectacular miss this year when his volley from outside the box hit the crossbar. That would have sealed the match. Instead, it was Unicorns who came up with the goods where it mattered. Firstly via a penalty to level the game and the winning goal off lucky bounce which caught Sharks custodian Isa by surprise with less than a minute to go. Sharks would be particularly hard done by they conceded a late goal in their last game.

The Sharks would do well to learn how to give as hard as they took in the next few games if they wish to do well in the upcoming leagues where most teams would certainly give their all for the competitions.



 Just like how I was denied from work by crazy michigan weather and limo driver had to come get me. You can read about the whole crazy ordeal here.

A late goal by Orange Team denied the Sharks from notching their 3rd win this year after Suhaime have put them ahead in the 35th minute. The furious pace of the game meant that chances were few with both sides losing possession in the middle of the park.

Sharks however have to rue the chances that came their way in this tightly contested affair where the tackles came flying fast and hard from both teams. But at the end of the game, it was undeniably a fair result for both teams.

Suhaime's goal brought his tally to 2 goals this year after good work from Heng Li on the right assured that the former scored with a simple tap-in. Sharks however have to thanked Man of The Match custodian Isa who bailed the team out on a number of occasion but he could do nothing with the goal conceded at the death of full-time after the Sharks defenders went to sleep for the first time in the game and was punished for it.

In the earlier game, the Reserves went down to an demoralising scoreline of 0-7 in Marina.

After the game we were dead beat tired so we decided to head back to coach house and have a little get together. On the way back I found this little sign post which I thought was interesting given what I have been involved with about local business.

Once we got to the coach place we are sitting around lounging and we notice that there bunch of guys plumbing

They were all working really hard to fix one his drainage problems and it seemed like quite the work load. Well during the party we had some drinks, some food, and our coach ordered pizza! which was fantastic.

 This is the best organization ever

and I will definitely be staying for a long time :)

One more thing to report.

I found my new favorite food. The Danish brown bread that my coach had because he is from Denmark


This bread is freaking amazing.

Ok that's it for now talk to you next time!

Oh if you want consultation about how to manage soccer teams please give me a call


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