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Tournament in Grand Rapids MI

Hey Grand Rapids PPL

We just had a pretty fierce Soccer Tournament in Grand Rapids Michigan and it was a great success for Central Park FC.

The first team was out of Ann Arbor, MI the Tiger FCs and the game began with our forward scoring the first goal in under 15 min of the game with a header in the back of the net from a brilliant corner kick by our left Midfielder Tom Johnson who takes most of corner kicks. He has excellent ball control with his left foot that is irreplaceable for our team.

The game went to half time and at 50 min into the game the other team managed to get a counter attack on us a score a header goal from a great cross by their center mid who was wearing the number 10.

The game went to overtime and then there was a brilliant footwork by our forward Carlos, who took on two defenders and scored a easy break through shot with no chance for the goalie. He basically said he had enough of the game and he was ready to move on.

All of our players played hard and we were off to the next game in a different field in Grand Rapids that's 30 min away. We had to get bus transportation from these guys: Click Here

They were very professional and the bus was ideal with enough room for all of our players and even a luggage compartment at the back that fit all of our equipment with ease. Highly Recommended limo and bus transportation of Grand Rapids, MI

Because the players were able to rest in the limo bus till our next game, they played fantastic and we beat the Lansing Badgers 3-0, it was like a walk in the park, I guess after the first tough game the players were playing on a whole new level and the other team seemed fatigued as they had lost the first game and their confidence was dampened. I did see a few brilliant players on the other team, like number 11 that played center mid. He had excellent ball skills and awareness of the field, he was definitely the play maker of the team, someone I would definitely be interested in recruiting if the opportunity comes.

All in all the first day of the tournament was great, we had good catering service as well and the Grand Rapids Limo guys came again to pick us from the field and take us to the Hotel downtown Grand Rapids. We went to nearest Burger Restaurant and everyone celebrated the two victory with cheers, the players were allowed to have 1 glass of beer as celebration and then it was early bed time to get ready for early game on Sunday, in which we played the other winning teams that moved up the bracket.

We don't plan to stop anytime soon, so anytime out there bring it and lets put a spectacular show for the people of Grand Rapids, Michigan... once we do we can celebrate after at some of the local breweries I've been dying to hit up as I heard Grand Rapids is home to some of the greatest local Michigan brews in the whole state.

So I'm definitely looking forward to that.


Love this time of the year, Great Time for Limo

This time of the year is fun, not really.

When you are stuck in the winter cold, one of the best idea to spend your weekend is getting a limo service in Ann Arbor in my opinion.

Yesterday I was trying to go to work and my car wouldn't start, so I had to call up a limousine company to come get me. Or else I was going to be late for the soccer practice.

because I know this company from before and they have a nice sedan. They were at my house in less than 30 min and took me to the field where we were going to do some intensive training and watch some world cup soccer videos non stop for like 3 hours.

But my car was towed and I had to get it fixed what it took was new spark plugs, like really? why in the hell are my spark plugs failing on me. Wait I live in blistering cold weather of Michigan never mind.

As a central park FC player & side manager, I can't afford to waste time out in the cold where we are from? This Mich weather is ridiculous...

Honestly its quite dangerous in this state to be driving around during the winter with a beat up car, the chances of you getting stranded on the side of the road in the cold is very very risky. I heard some women in my city past away last year because of it. I'm very weary of this state, the road condition, and my car. You can't be too careful in this town and more and more I feel like I am beginning to see people that lose jobs and what are we suppose to do. Fend for ourselves in the cold and not have any income?

Top 10 Things to Watch out For in Michigan Winter

  1. Pot Holes and ice cold weathers that shut your car down
  2. blistering cold that will leave you near death if car breaks down
  3. snow that makes road slippery as used c0nd0m
  4. ice cold chills that makes your spouse angry
  5. ice cold chills that bring about fever and hatred for the state

If you want to check out the ridiculousness of Michigan winter, go here.

So what condition will this create when you are trying to party on the weekends? awful so what me and my friends started doing is just renting out limousines and put the worries away. They are comfortable, get to your destination quick and you can drink on the road. It is the best of both worlds combined and I have to say I really like it.

You will feel like a real boss too riding in the back of a limo in Ann Arbor like you are a movie star or something. Because its not that common out here, most people will walk to bars or god forbid drive to bars, but not really go out of their way to get limo services. Honestly I love being able to zip through town in a black town car stretch and seeing the envy in people's faces as they walk in the blistering cold aimlessly to their bar destinations. Also you won't be tempted to drive after the bar so you are 100% DUI proof. This is a massive plus and we are doing it with 100% glee in our faces.

The best and the only way to party in Michigan in the winter really is that simple. A limo!!!

So next time you are thinking of coming up to join our central park fc club get ready for the time of your lives.

Basically Michigan weather is dangerous and I wanted to make a story page that teaches you the dangers so we do not see any strange deaths this year.

Please be careful and always keep a warm set of clothes inside the car always. You never know when you could become stranded on the road and get into some serious trouble.

Yesterday it looked like this.

We need money to literally survive and its that hungry survival mentality that this weather will breed in you. In a way it makes one less lazy and over time you wonder why you work so hard, but you never question the fact that you live in Michigan where your ass could die if you don't find shelter. We are more desperate here, we don't have time climbing trees like Michael Jackson, as Katt Williams famously put "No Michael, We got bills to pay"

-RIP Michael

One of the best shocker of this world is that mother nature rules all. Over and over again this is where rubber meets the road. No matter what you prepare for, if you had FK1,2,3 or if you had the best insurance policy or escape plan you still wouldn't get away from all the crazy little trills out chills out there.

I will end my rant for now.

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